Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Wisdom of A House

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I asked myself how to handle life?
My room gave me all the answers:

Roof said: Aim high.

Fan said: Be cool.

Clock said: Value time.

Calendar said: Be up to date.

Wallet said: Save now for the future.

Mirror said: Always observe yourself.

Lamps said: Light up other's life.

Wall said: Share others' load.

Window said: Expand the vision.

Floor said: Always be down to earth.

Stairs said: Watch each step you take.

The most inspiring one:

Toilet bowl said: When it's time to let go, just let it go....

And I add...

Kitchen said...I am the heart of the house..

Door said..welcome your guest...

Gate said..send your guest to me before goodbyes

Porch said...give me some beauty..plant some trees..not just park the cars

House said...remember you are leaving me and your grave is inviting

Rosnah Ahmad

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