Sunday, November 22, 2015

Love Me

Assalamualaikum..Salam kedamaian🌵🌿🌹🌻

Love me
Rosnah Ahmad

Mom, Dad
Crawl with me
Jump with me
Swim with me
Play with me...

Mom, Dad
Listen to my stories
Tell me stories
Talk to me
Laugh with me...

Mom, Dad
Let us go to the nature
Let us smell the flowers
Let us paint the rainbow
Let us explore...

Mom, Dad
Leave your handphones
Leave your chores
Leave your worries
Come and have fun with me
While I am still young....

Mom, Dad
I need your time
I need to feel your presence
I need you to be in the moments...

Mom, Dad
Don't just catch the moments
Be in the moments
So that I feel loved...

Mom, Dad
Pictures are beautiful
But memories are forever
Let us create a lot of  memories together
The sweet memories that strengthen our love
That keeps us at peace
While there is still time...

Mom, Dad
Love me...
And I will love you.

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