Monday, December 21, 2009


 by anonymous

When I was young and free and my
Imagination had no limits, I dreamed of
Changing the world

As I grew older and wiser I realized the
World would not change

And I decided to shorten my sights
Somewhat and change only my country
But it too seemed immovable

As I enters my twilight years, in one last
Desperate attempt, I sought to change
Only my family, those closest to me, but
Alas they would have none of it

And now here I lie on my death bed and
Realise (perhaps for the first time) that if
Only I’d changed my self first, then by
Examples I may have influenced my
Family and with their encouragement
And support I may have bettered my
Country and knows I may have
Changed the world


akubarutahu said...

saya suka dengan kedua-kedua puisi tersebut, boleh tak saya gunakannya atau bacakannya bila saya suka? dan saya akan beritahu dimana saya dapat puisi ini?

Rosnah Ahmad said...


Silakan. Moga ada manfaatnya.

Terima kasih atas sokongan