Sunday, May 14, 2017


Rosnah Ahmad

My dear children,

I am not perfect in everyway
Nor I know how to be one
But I am chosen to be your mom
The greatest gift of all...

Not knowing what I am up to
I am willing to learn
To explore and nurture
The best that I could...

Along the way
Little that I know
It is not about always being right and in control
Expecting you to fulfil my dreams
Or walking my journey
It is more about being concious and mindful
You are not mine nor I am superior
I am merely here to hold your hand
And to love you unconditionally...

For whatever we have gone through together
Through thick and thin
Always remember...
It is not so much about celebrating
And we are not justified by our doing
It is more about awakening the purpose
Honouring the connection
And fostering our being.

Your mom.

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