Sunday, April 23, 2017

Let Me B A Kid

When I want to do things by myself
You do not let me
You said I am too young
But when I am not ready to read and write
You force me to do so
You said an early start is better for me...

When I want to play freely
You interfere by asking me questions
You are happy if I come up with the right answers...

Mom, Dad
My little brain works wonders
I may still not ready to read and write
But I am building self- eficacy
Which will make it easier for me to learn when I am ready
I may not know the answers to many of your questions
But I am building concepts to understand the world
Which will later be very useful...

They say my brain absorbs like a sponge
But do not drill me to remember things
Do not force me beyond my readiness
It is too much too soon...

Mom, Dad
Nurture me through nature
Let us enjoy the sweetest time together
That is while...
I am still a kid.

Rosnah Ahmad

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