Saturday, May 21, 2016


Rosnah Ahmad

My friend,
I know...
What it is like
To be there
In a dark place
So alone...

My friend,
I know what it is like
In fact...
I was there many times
Don't know where to grasp
I lost hope
They say...
There is light at the end of the tunnel
I can't see it

My friend,
Reach in
Search your soul
There is always light
It is there
Have faith

My friend,
Reach out
There is always a shoulder to cry on
Someone who is willing to listen
Have some trust

My friend,
Hold on...
For help is near
Reach in
Reach out
You will find your way to...
The Light

My friend
Be there for me too
One day I might need you
Help me through
Don't make me fall too far
Pull me back up
I need you...
Reach out to me
Help me to reach in
What are friends for

My friend,
Thank you for being there
Let us stay true
To each other
Only for the sake of...
The Light.

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