Thursday, February 18, 2016

Am I A Good Mother ?

Am I A Good Mother?
Rosnah Ahmad

Am I a good mother???
A question more than often trouble me
Again and again
Coming and going
As time passes over the years...

Am I a good mother???
I don't know
But one thing I know...
I always want to learn
To unlearn and relearn
To improve
I know...
I want to be a good mother...

Am I a good mother???
I guess it is always a reminder
For what kind of mother I can be
Thriving to be a good mother
Striving along the journey
Staying faithful
In a world full of hope...

Am I a good mother???
Yes! I am
The best that I know how
The best that I can be
I have it in me
For I am enough
I honour myself
I am compassionate
And I know because...
I love my children
Just the way they are!!!

Am I a good mother???
I always know...
Parenting is not about competing
Nor it is about winning
It is about encouraging
Every child is unique
Every mother too...
We bloom in our own ways
And together we make the world...


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