Friday, November 13, 2015

The Enlightening

In the night of delight
You wispered softly
The words of love
So that I would sleep tight
In a blissful dream...

In the light of dawn
You called my name gently
So that I would wake up
To this moments of love
Full of hope...

In the present of today
I remembered the dream of the night
I walked into a beautiful garden
I heard your voice inviting
"Come to me,
Come to my path"

I saw myself fallen for you
I felt my heart springing with happiness
As I followed your path
Smiling away
Singing a song
A song of joy...

O my love
It is you
All along
Who keeps me alive
Who makes me happy
I need your love
Day and night
Don't ever leave me...

O my love
Love me
Love me so.

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