Wednesday, February 11, 2015

You and I..Dedikasi untuk The SOIF Coach Certification Program..

You and I
Rosnah Ahmad
( Dedicated to the The SOIF Coach Certification Program)

You were so warm
I felt at ease
I told you that...
I have a problem

Opening up to you
I realised
The problem is I...

Talking to you
Helped me unfold
The intention to achieve
Exploring the intrinsic and extrinsic strength
With ALLAH as the Possesor of All Strength
The opportunities that await me
The ultimate victory
Enough to keep me motivated...

You and I
Not a coincidence
A blessing from HIM
The Most Compassionate
The Sastifier of All Needs
The One who opened my heart
Removed my burden
Exalted my esteem
To explore the improvements
Giving me FAITH
Courage to change
To achieve the intention...

Thank you Allah
....I am at peace...

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