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In Memory Of Maria Zain

Perginya seorang srikandi..ibu dan penulis ...innalilahiwainnahirojiun..

Inspired by the Prophet's MannersGood Manners: A Key to Paradise

By Maria Zain

Sunday, 07 September 2014 00:00

Good manners helps undo divides, bridge differences and bring out the best in people

“Say ‘please’, Amina.”

“Please, may I have...”

“Remember to say thank you!”

“Thank you..!”

The first social skills a little child is taught are more often than not, the magic words: “Please” and “Thank You”.

Why are parents so adamant to teach these few special words to their children?

Well, it is part and parcel of our fitrah (nature) to do right by our children and bestow them the best manners. And it also goes without saying that little children jump at this opportunity to be polite and well-mannered.

“Please!” they would chime loudly.

“Thank you!”

        The Prophet's Excellent Manners

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 - The Prophet's Kindness Towards People of the Book

Having good manners transcends a lot more than just a few words, but it is a strong foundation for those who wish to build good character as they grow older. Whatever imprints we have in our minds as children will be seen through to adulthood, so it is important to understand why good manners is strongly lauded by Islam.

The Man with the Best Manners

The virtues of good manners are seen in various hadiths, which points to good character that is pleasing to God and His messenger.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reminded that:

"The most beloved of Allah’s servants to Allah are those with the best manners." (Al-Bukhari)

Having good manners when socializing isn’t just a plus factor when dealing with people in this temporary abode of this life, but even more so, it is part and parcel of pleasing God in His Grandiosity.

In a hadith in Al-Bukhari’s Book of Manners, Abu Darda' reported that Prophet Muhammad said:

"Nothing is weightier on the Scale of Deeds than one's good manners." (Al-Bukhari)

Scales and weight play a recurring role when it comes to good deeds in Islam. Good manners therefore are an important realm in building a character of a true Muslim, one who continuously wishes to emulate Prophet Muhammad for the sake of God.

Even amongst the youth, Prophet Muhammad was very respectful. He never spoke down to the youngsters around him.

Prophet Muhammad was one of the mildest mannered icons in history. For someone who was chosen to mould the final faith for mankind in the form of Islam, and to put a helm onto it by championing the faith to perfection, it only makes sense that the Prophet would do so mindfully, with care and compassion. He was very well-mannered in his speech and mannerisms.

Abdullah ibn Amr said:

"The Prophet of Allah was never obscene or coarse. Rather, he used to tell us that the best among us were those with the best manners." (Al-Bukhari, Muslim & At-Tirmidhi)

Even amongst the youth, Prophet Muhammad was very respectful. He never spoke down to the youngsters around him, even if they asked a lot of questions or made mistakes, like many youngsters often do. Instead, he would treat them like adults, appreciate their hard work and ideas and gently advise if he felt advice was needed.

Anas ibn Malik related:

"I served the Prophet of Allah for ten years. During that time, he never once said to me as much as 'Oof' if I did something wrong. He never asked me, if I had failed to do something, 'Why did you not do it?' and he never said to me, if I had done something wrong, 'Why did you do it?'" (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Prophet Muhammad explained that:

"He who does not show mercy to the young and show esteem for our elders is not one of us." (Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidhi & Al-Hakim)

The Prophet was always all-encompassing when addressing different walks of life.

Good Manners in a Corrupt World

In other narrations, having good manners is equivalent to spending the nights in prayer and such behavior is also known as one of the keys to Paradise, besides being conscious of God.

But despite its importance, having good manners is not always easy especially when having to deal with all sorts of people in today’s world. It takes a heartbeat to snipe at another person or to behave in a condescending manner without realizing it. The Prophet, being as human as he was, was also conscientious of how he behaved in public. He made sure he remained humble by supplicating to God to bless him with the best of manners:

"O Allah! I ask You for good health, for trust, for self-control, for good manners, and to be satisfied with the divine decree." (Al-Bukhari)

Good manners encompasses a wide range of social etiquette, from speaking to groups in public; to avoiding backbiting or fault finding; to speak pleasantly of others but to avoid excessive flattery. The Prophet also encouraged giving gifts to one another, as long as it was done fairly and not in excess. Speaking in humility was also equally important.

When speaking in public or addressing a group of people, the Prophet reminded to not whisper, while leaving out another person. This was fine if the other person left out of the conversation had someone to speak to.

Abdullah ibn Mas'ud reported that the Prophet said:

"If they are three, two of them should not carry on a conversation from which the third is excluded, for surely that will be distressing to him." (Al-Bukhari, Abu Dawud, Muslim & Ibn Majah)

Sometimes, mindless chatter leads to gossip, which could lead to intentional or unintentional defamation or backbiting. Ibn Abbas said on the following verse of the Quran: {Nor defame one another} (Al-Hujurat 49: 11)

"Do not spend your time finding fault with one another." (Al-Bukhari)

Causing suspicion when speaking to others is also frowned upon in Islam, especially in today’s age where technology causes the world to lose its borders, spying on each other, competing and despising one another can sometimes arise without realizing it.

"Be careful of suspicion, for it is the most mistaken of all speech. Do not spy on others, compete among yourselves, envy one another, or despise one another. Rather, be servants of Allah and brothers! (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Gifts are yet another way to foster relations based on kindness for each other

Flattery too is something that is abhorred when it comes to speaking to others. Praising a person for the sake of God, i.e., praising God first, is most certainly allowed. However, excessive praise and flattery needs to be mitigated with wisdom.  Abu Bakr reported that a man was mentioned in the presence of the Prophet, and another praised the man. The Prophet then said:

"Woe to you, for you have broken your friend's neck!, repeating the same several times. "If any of you simply must praise another, let him or her say, 'I think the person is this way or that...' if you genuinely think the person to be that way. The Final Reckoner is Allah, and no one can tell Allah anything about anyone." (Al-Bukhari & Muslim)

In a twist on good manners, the Prophet did encourage gifts for one another. Gifts are yet another way to foster relations based on kindness for each other. Prophet Muhammad advised:

"Give gifts to one another and you will love one another." (Al-Bukhari)

He never discriminated between Muslim and non-Muslim and when with children of a family, he advised parents to fear God and to ensure each child received a gift to shun favortism or rivalry between siblings.

However we look at it, good manners helps undo divides, bridge differences and bring out the best in people. When one thinks of a person with good manners, he or she would think of someone who speaks kindly and truthfully with an air of humility. Saying “Please” and “Thank you” are important beginnings for a humble Muslim – one who is blessed with shyness for the sake of God, and the best role model of all times would be none other than Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, who was guided by God Himself. Of his many characteristics in dealing with others, Prophet Muhammad always remained humble. Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet said:

"Modesty (shyness) is one branch of faith." (Muslim)

As Muslims, we should follow Prophet Muhammad in order to become amongst the best of Muslims with the best possible manners as a stepping stone closer to God and a permanent resting abode in Paradise.

First published in September 2012.

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Maria Zain is freelance writer by night and a homeschooling mother of four by day. She currently writes for an assortment of publications but has a wish to dedicate more of her time to charitable work, while championing the message of Islam through her ...

In Memory of Maria Zain


2015....a new year a new spirit

The bitterness of coffee
The sweetness of sugar
The hotness of water
Satisfies the chilling soul...☕☕

Toast & coffee...a toast to beautiful life for a coffee lover😍

Embarking 2015 with more positive outlook...insyaAllah..

My emotional age

Testing my emotional age...hehe..not happy about going to be 49...

Oh..interesting result

You are29

You stand in the middle of life. You've built yourself an existence and are enjoying the benefits of it now. You're strong, independent and curious. Additionally, you have the guts to embark upon risky projects and are highly successful. Your fellow men admire your relaxed and positive attitude towards life. You take every day and solve conflicts and setbacks quite well. You look to the future beaming with joy and work every day because it is awesome. Your passion is travelling. You want the world to explore its wonders. Nevertheless, it is important for you to have a port to which you can always go back.

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10 Things You Should Drop From Your life

10 Things You Should Drop From Your Life Starting Now

By Steven Aitchison

We are all doing things in our life that we should drop immediately in order to live a happier life and be the person we truly want to be.

We have around 70 years of life (on average). 20 of those years are spent learning about people, love, work, money, and living a life of mistakes in order to make the next 50 years enjoyable. The latter 10 years of our life are spent slowing down. So, we really only have around 40 years to really make a difference and truly create a life that we love.

Dropping these 10 things will help you live a much happier, and more enjoyable life…

1.Drop the negative people around you

We all have negative people around us, and it’s easy for me to say just drop them, but you have to find a way.

Negative people are energy suckers, they suck the life out of you until you get down to their way of thinking. I am sure you can think of a few people just now who are like this. If you’ve ever seen Harry Potter you’ll know what a Dementor is, that’s what negative people are, Dementors in your life.

It can be tough if you work closely with someone who is like this, or have family members who are like this. Drop them gradually or stay out of their way as much as possible.

Another thing you can do is counteract all their negatives with positives, oh! they don’t like that, and the more you do it the more they will avoid you.

2.Drop caring about the mistakes you have made

Bit of a cliche this one: your mistakes in life serve as a reminder of what not to do in the future, simple as that.

Your mind set about mistakes is what makes all the difference here, you can be in two camps on mistakes:

Camp one: woe is me, I made a mistake I am such a loser, I totally embarrassed myself, I’ll never be able to show my face in public again.

Camp two: I made a mistake, sure as hell won’t be doing that again, but at least I learned what not to do.

Nobody, but nobody, has ever succeeded in life without failing a few times, so making mistakes is inevitable if you want to live a more successful and happier life.

3.Drop the past

Let me ask you a question about your past…

Can you go back and change it?


So why dwell on things that have happened in the past when there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it, you can make amends for the past, you can say you’re sorry about something you’ve done in the past but the fact remains the past has happened and it can’t be changed.

The more you think about the past, the more your mind lives there, and it can be a hard slog getting back to living in the here and now, and looking forward to the future.

4.Drop your self portrait image

A self portrait is a painting or drawing of yourself that everyone can look at. Everyone will see something different, just like a piece of art, and so it is in life.

You are not the same person all the time to everyone you meet. You act differently depending on the people you are with at the time, you don’t speak or act the same way with your mates as you do with your parents, but really you should. You should have enough confidence to be the same with every single person who shares your life.

When you meet someone who is truly authentic they totally shine above everyone else, there’s no airs and graces, you either take them the way they are or you don’t, simple as that. I believe that’s what we should be striving for in life.

We could take this a bit far and say ‘but Steve, I curse and swear when I’m at football matches, you wouldn’t expect me to talk to my mum like that would you.’ of course not, just quit the bloody swearing

5.Drop feeling sorry for yourself

Sometimes it’s great just to sit on the ‘poor me’ train and just let it roll into ‘Woe is me’ station, but the longer you are on that train the more difficult it is to get off it.

Give yourself a shake, you’ve only got a few years to make a difference in your life, and those around you, so jump off the ‘poor me’ train and head for ‘happyville’ central.

Sounds too easy doesn’t it, that’s because it is easy: buying a ticket for the ‘poor me’ train is a choice!

6.Drop saying yes all the time

There are times for saying yes and times for saying no.

When saying yes makes you feel uncomfortable, miserable or stressed, it’s then time to say no, however hard it may be, you need to find a way.

The first time you say no to someone, when you usually say yes, will empower you so much that it can turn your life around.

You could take this too far and say no to absolutely everything, but your only criteria for saying no is when it makes you feel uncomfortable, miserable or stressed. So if you’re taking on too much work, say no when it becomes too stressful, if you’re doing too much in your relationships just say no to pull back a bit.

7.Drop trying to please everyone

It’s impossible, literally impossible, to please everyone, even if you’re the nicest, most splendid, most lovliest, most loving person in the world there’s always someone who will not like you for some reason.

Let it go, it’s okay for some people not to like you, and it’s more than okay for you to stop going out of your way to try and please them.

Be yourself, and if someone doesn’t like you for being yourself at least you’ll respect yourself for being you.

8.Drop saying the right thing

The world has gone mad over the last few years, talking about what you can’t say, what you shouldn’t say, and what’s a bit risky.

I read on CNN recently that New York wants to ban the words ‘dinosaur’ and ‘evolution’ from standardized tests because they are considered controversial – WHAT! It’s mental with a capital M.

We shouldn’t be censoring what we say because we think someone might be offended, the only reason we think like this is because of our parents, the media, school, co-workers and friends; they are keeping us in check – to comply.

If we have an opinion about something we are entitled to speak our minds. I’m not saying you should try and offend everyone who gets in your way or speak up because you like the sound of your own voice, but if you have a strong opinion about something, speak up and let your voice be heard.

9.Drop your limiting beliefs

One of the most amazing gifts we, as humans, have developed over the last 100 years is knowing that we can change our beliefs, particularly our limiting beliefs.

We all have them, but a lot of the time we don’t recognize them.

To test your limiting beliefs let me ask you:

What do you truly want to do with your life?

If you know the answer, then the next questions is – What’s stopping you? Your answers will often reveal your limiting beliefs.

When you know your limiting beliefs you can then work on dropping them or replacing them with alternative more positive focused beliefs that will drive you forward in life.

Drop your limiting beliefs today and start working on new beliefs about yourself.

10.Drop worrying about the future

If you do your best today, your future has already been taken care of.

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Dengan IzinNya

Dengan IzinNya
Rosnah Ahmad

Demi waktu
Detik berlalu
Titis-titis jernih menjadi merah
Dengan izinMu
Ya Allah Ya 'Alim...

Ya Allah
Ya Rahman Ya Rahim
Jadikan kami orang-orang yang beriman
Pimpinlah hati-hati kami
Untuk menerima kesusahan yang menimpa
Dengan tenang dan sabar...

Ya Allah
Ya Salam Ya Muhaimin
Yang menyukai orang-orang...
Yang berbuat kebajikan
Yang memelihara diri dari sifat bakhil
Yang menafkahkan harta benda di waktu lapang maupun di waktu sempit
Yang menahan amarahnya dan memaafkan
Yang apabila melakukan perbuatan keji
Atau menganiaya diri
Bersegera ingat kepadaMu
Lalu memohon ampun
Dan bertaubat...

Ya Allah
Ya Ghaffar Ya Rahim
Jadikan kami orang-orang  yang  benar-benar bertaqwa
Orang-orang yang taat
Masukkan kami dalam golongan
Orang-orang yang mendapat petunjuk
Orang-orang yang berjaya
Dan orang-orang yang beruntung...

Meniti Dahan Yang Rapuh

Meniti Dahan Yang Rapuh
Rosnah Ahmad

Indahnya dunia
Dipenuhi perhiasan
Lalainya hati
Dibuai hiburan
Lenanya insan
Diulik impian
Hingga terlupa
Hakikat hidup
Ibarat meniti di dahan yang rapuh...

Wahai jiwa
Semua yang ada adalah kurniaanNya
Untuk menguji
Siapakah yang baik amalnya...

Wahai jiwa
Dahan yang rapuh
Kan patah jua
Semua akan kembali padaNya...

Wahai Tuhan
Yang Maha Pengampun
Lagi Maha Mengasihani
Titisan jernihMu menghanyutkan
Hanyutkanlah dosa-dosa kami yang banyak
Titisan jernihMu membersihkan
Bersihkanlah hati-hati kami yang kotor
Titisan jernihMu membasahi
Basahi bibir-bibir kami dengan zikrullah
Titisan jernihMu membanjiri
Sungguh menggerunkan
Sungguh menginsafkan
Bahawasanya janjiMu benar
Azab seksaMu cepat
Terimalah taubat kami
Ya Allah...
Sebelum waktu memanggil
Sebelum waktu terhenti...

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Rasai Penderitaan Kami

Rasai Penderitaan Kami
Rosnah Ahmad

Kamu tinggal di tempat yang elok-elok
Kamu bercuti di bandar yang cantik-cantik
Kamu makan dan minum yang enak-enak
Kamu bermain dengan orang yang hebat-hebat
Anak dan isteri kamu ikut bercuti
Ikut gembira...

Kami tinggal di kampung-kampung
Kami bercuti setiap tengkujuh
Kami bermain dengan air yang masih diketing
Kami meredah air meninggalkan rumah kecil
Apabila air semakin naik
Anak dan isteri kami turut berpindah
Ikut mencari tempat berteduh...

Makan minum kami belum tentu
Tidur kami dalam kesejukan
Pilu hati kami
Hanya Allah yang tahu...

Dalam ujian...
Usah kau cerita gembiramu
Usah kau tunjuk gambar
...apa adamu
Sedih hati kami
...yang tiada ini

Wahai saudaraku
Rasai tempat tidur kami
Rasai makanan kami
Rasai penderitaan kami
Bantulah kami sedayamu
Iringi doa buat kami
Agar sabar dan solat
Tabah menghadapi segala
Moga redha kami dengan ketentuanNya
Mendapat petunjuk dan kebaikan
Dalam ujian...
Yang penuh hikmah dan rahmah
Peringatan dan amaran dariNya
Buat kami dan juga kamu...
Moga kita tidak didatangi azab yang lebih tidak terperi sakitnya...

Ya Allah
Ya Ghafur
Ampunkan kami
Yang menzalimi diri kami sendiri
Yang selalu lalai dan leka
Dari memahami dan mengamalkan maksudnya...

Maha suci Allah
Yang Maha Pengasih lagi Penyayang
Engkau yang kami sembah
Kepada Engkau kami memohon pertolongan
Mudahkan urusan kami
Selamatkan kami
Jadikan kami...
Orang-orang yang beriman dan bertaqwa
Orang-orang yang faham
Dan orang-orang yang sentiasa ingat...

Soddiqun niat

Titisan Jernih

Titisan Jernih
Rosnah Ahmad
Inspirasi Surah Al-Anbiyaa'

Apabila langit
Menjadi kelam
Apabila awan
Menjadi kelabu
Apabila titisan jernih
Menjadi merah...

Ya Allah
Yang Maha Berkuasa
Sesungguhnya telah datang kepada kami
Peringatan yang banyak
Lepas satu: satu
Namun hati kami masih leka
Daripada memahami dan mengamalkan maksudnya...

Ya Allah
Ya Samii' Ya 'Alim
Yang Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui
Tiap-tiap perkataan
Yang dinyatakan
Atau yang disembunyikan
Oleh setiap makhluk
Di langit dan di bumi...

Telah hampir datang kepada kami
Hari perhitungan amal
Tiada Tuhan melainkan Engkau
Ya Allah
Ya Ghafur
Ampunilah kami
Sesungguhnya kami telah menzalimi diri kami sendiri...

Ya Allah
Ya Rahman Ya Rahim
Bantulah kami
Selamatkan kami
Keluarkan kami...
Dari dalam kelalaian dan berpaling
Masukkan kami...
Dalam golongan orang-orang
Yang mendengar dan patuh
Yang beriman dan beramal
Yang membuat persediaan
Yang yakin dengan hari pembalasan
Hanya kepadaMu jua tempat kami kembali...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sabar Yang Cantik

Sabar Yang Cantik
Rosnah Ahmad
Inspirasi Surah Al-Ma'arij

Langit kelam
Awan kelabu
Apabila langit menangis
Tiada siapa dapat menolak kedatangannya
Daripada AL-MA'ARIJ...

Jauhkan aku dari...
Sifat keluh kesah
Apabila ditimpa kesusahan
Sifat kikir
Apabila mendapat kebaikan...

Jadikan aku...
Orang yang sabar
Dengan sabar yang baik
Orang yang solat
Dan yang memelihara solat
Orang yang memelihara kehormatan diri
Orang yang menafkahkan harta
Kepada yang berhak
Kepada orang yang meminta
Kepada orang yang tidak meminta...
Orang yang memelihara amanah
Orang yang benar
Adil dan beramal soleh...

Yang mempunyai tempat- tempat naik
Tetapkan aku pada jalan kebenaran
Jauhi aku dari melampaui batas
Sungguh hari pembalasan itu benar
Aku amat gentar
Terhadap azabMu
Wahai Tuhan yang memiliki timur dan barat
Sesungguhnya Engkau
Benar-benar Maha Berkuasa...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Langit Nangeh Lagi Gayenye

Langit Nangeh Lagi Gayenye..
Rosnah Ahmad

Ujan lebat amat
Kat kampung koi ni
Macam nangeh langit gayenye...

Redho juga koi
Sejak bah tahun sudoh
Pengalaman meredoh bah
Reti dah koi
Reti mase ade
Reti mase takde
Reti maksud idup
Reti maksud persahabatan
Reti maksud suci dan menyucikan...

Reti jugok koi menilai
Hok mane hati emas
Hok mane hati batu
Hok mane kaki ampu
Insaf mengenangkan
Sedor koi
Langit tu tinggi ke rendoh...

Syukur amat
Air bah kat kampung koi tu
Bukan tazkirah buat koi sekeluarga jer
Tapi kiteme
Bior ingat
Bior beringat
Tuhan tu Maha Kaya
Ingatlah kitame
Tak lama kite kat dunia ni
Sementara jer
Seme hok ada
Pinjaman belaka...

Selagi hayat dikandung badan
Moh kite beriman dan beramal
Bersatulah kite weh
Usoh berpecah beloh
Same-same kite menolong
Baik mase senang
Mahupun mase susah
Ingat pesan tok nenek kite
Bulat air kerana pembentung
Bulat manusia kerana muafakat
Bersatu kite teguh
Bercerai kite roboh....


Azhar Abdul Rahman & Rosnah Ahmad

Yaih....matnye aok ni?
Sikik koi cakap banyok aok nangeh
Kecik ngat ati aok yek?
Ngalahkan ati budok beringus...

Koi ngabor
Bukan koi perintoh
Aokme tak nok dengor
Bukan koi yang susoh
Aokme tu kalau panjang umor
Panjang lagi idup
Banyok lagi kena nempoh
Guane nak idup
Kalau gini gayenya...

Niat koi bukannye hapa
Ngabor demeh yang benor ajer
Nak ngengok demeh senang
Buat pedoman di hari muka
Demeh senang koi bahagia
Tu ajer...

Kelaku demeh membuat koi pana
Meraban macam orang pandir
Koi cakap memolek demeh tak terime
Banyok songe banyok alasan
Mengkalor membela diri
Gasaklah demeh koi buat derk ajer...

Koi kabor jer gitu
Keknya ati koi tak sampei lalu
Letih dah koi menghomih
Nok di tangan anok orang
Sabor jer lah
Sikik koi tegur
Banyok aokme berasa ati
Ada hok nangeh
Ada hok lembik
CENGENG amat...

Sudoh-sudohlah aokme
Ubohlah perangei tu
Budaya CENGENG usoh dibesorkan
Jiwe tu kentailah sikik
Sedorlah diri
Dari mana kita datang
Nok ke mana kite ni weh...

Ambik semangat juang Tok Gajah
Mat Kilau dan Dato' Bahaman
Ambik kata-kata Hang Tuah
Tidak Melayu hilang di dunia...

Mohlah weh
Berubohlah dari ler ni
Bak kate tok nenek kite
Yang pipih tak datang melayang
Yang bulat tak datang bergolek
Berakit-rakit ke hulu
Berenang-renang ke tepian
Bersakit-sakit dahulu
Bersenang-senang kemudian...

Spread Your Wings

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The road to success

Gelora di jiwa

The heart is dear

Dekati Anak Secara Kualiti dan Kreatif

Dekati Anak Secara Kualiti dan Kreatif
Rosnah Ahmad

Seperti biasa hujung tahun merupakan waktu yg sibuk untuk saya dalam kerjaya kejurulatihan. Apa pun tugas hakiki sebagai ibu tidak boleh diambil mudah.

Cuti sekolah adalah masa untuk mendekati anak-anak secara dan kualiti dan kreatif.

Hujung minggu ini saya mengambil peluang mendekati anak saya Izzuddin (12) dan kawan-kawan rapatnya (5 orang).

Saya menyewa Alamanda Homestay di Bkt Rangin untuk sedikit kelainan. Juga supaya saya boleh lebih fokus bersama anak dan rakannya

Seminggu sebelum, saya menggalakkan Izzuddin membuat jemputan dan perancangan aktiviti sepanjang 3 hari 2 malam. Ini menjadikan anak fokus dan teruja. Ia juga menggalakkan anak membuat perancangan sebelum dan semasa termasuk persediaan peralatan.

Perancangan aktiviti:

Jumaat 19 Dis 2014 :

5.00 petang -berkumpul di rumah kami
6.00 petang- tiba di Alamanda Homestay
8.30 mlm- Barbeque

Sabtu 20 Dis 2014:

Pagi: aktiviti memasak, sarapan dan aktiviti bebas 

12.00 tengah hari- keluar bandar, solat zohor di Megamall, makan dan bowling.

Petang-Solat, rehat dan aktiviti indoor ( congkak dan carrum)

Malam-Solat dan makan mlm sambil tengok bola ( final Suzuki Cup- Malaysia vs Thailand)

Ahad 21 Dis 2014:

Sarapan, santai, aktiviti bebas, mengemas sebelum pulang.

11.00 pagi- tazkirah dan refleksi

12.00 tengah hari-balik

Izzuddin dan kawan-kawan gembira sekali ( cuma sedih Malaysia kalah dengan Thailand). Persahabatan mereka juga semakin erat. Tentu sekali ia menjadi kenangan indah dalam hidup mereka.

Bagi saya tiada yang lebih menggembirakan daripada melihat anak-anak gembira.

I have lots of fun too. Boys are cool. They just know how to have fun.

Bagi anak-anak masa bersama sangat berharga. Dalam kesibukan kita seharian cubalah meluangkan masa secara kualiti dan kreatif bersama mereka.

Masa itu emas
Masa itu kualiti
Masa itu bukti
Kasih dan sayang...

Terima kasih kepada Alamanda Homestay kerana kemudahan yang selesa.

Sayangi dan dekati anak-anak kita.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

True Love

True Love
Rosnah Ahmad

In the darkness of the night
In the stillness of the time
Listening to the sound of silence...

The breeze blows softly
Stroking my cheek gently
Wispering soothing words
Humming in my ears
Flickering the burning candle...

The quivering  of my heart
Felt Your presence
So warm
So welcoming
So caressing...

In the darkness of the night
In the stillness of time
In the sound of silence
My soul just rolled into your arms
In the moment of true love
You and I
Together as one...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kisah Buya Hamka dan Soekarno

Perkongsian dari Watsap group...

Pada 1964, ulama besar nusantara, Buya Hamka pernah ditahan secara zalim oleh Presiden Indonesia Soekarno,dengan tuduhan kononnya terlibat dalam rencana pembunuhan beliau. Hamka ditahan tanpa bicara, bahkan buku-bukunya dilarang untuk diedarkan.

Setelah Buya Hamka dibebaskan, taqdir Allah, akhirnya Soekarno digulingkan, dikenakan tahanan rumah, kehidupannya mulai terasing, lalu dalam keadaan uzur beliau meninggalkan pesan buat orang yang pernah dizaliminya, Buya Hamka. Ia berbunyi, “Bila aku mati kelak, minta kesudian Hamka untuk menjadi imam solat jenazahku..”

Apabila pesan itu disampaikan, Buya Hamka terkejut, tanpa fikir panjang, beliau melawat ke Wisma Yaso, tempat jenazah Bung Karno disemayamkan. Sesuai dgn wasiat Soekarno, Buya Hamka pun memimpin solat jenazah tokoh yang pernah menghumbankannya ke penjara itu. Dengan ikhlas beliau menunaikan wasiat itu, mereka yang hadir pun terharu.

Lalu, apakah Buya Hamka tidak menaruh dendam pada Soekarno? Dengan tulus ikhlas beliau mengatakan, “Aku tidak pernah dendam kepada orang yang pernah menyakitiku. Dendam itu termasuk dosa. Selama dua tahun empat bulan aku ditahan, aku merasakan itu semua merupakan anugerah yang tiada terhingga daripada Allah kepadaku, sehingga aku mampu menyelesaikan kitab tafsir Al-Qur’an 30 juz. Jika bukan dalam tahanan, tidak mungkin aku punya waktu untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaan itu…”

Kesimpulannya: Maafkanlah sesiapa pun yang memusuhimu, jangan sesekali menyimpan dendam, ketahuilah bahawa pasti ada hikmah di sebalik segala-galanya...

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Yuran Taska Minimum RM300

Yuran taska minimum RM300
December 14, 2014

Peserta meraikan Majlis Penutupan Kohort 5 selepas perasmian di Indera Mahkota, Kuantan, semalam.
KUANTAN - Persatuan Pengasuh Pahang bercadang menetapkan RM300 sebagai yuran minimum sebulan bagi perkhidmatan anggotanya bermula tahun depan.

Penasihatnya, Rosnah Ahmad berkata, ini bagi membolehkan anggota persatuan itu mempunyai keupayaan yang cukup untuk meneruskan operasi memandangkan kenaikan kos yang dihadapi pada masa ini.   

"Kenaikan tidak dapat dielak kerana ada pengusaha taman asuhan kanak-kanak (taska) yang menghadapi kemungkinan gulung tikar akibat kenaikan kos utiliti dan penetapan gaji minimum jika penetapan yuran minimum ini tidak dilaksanakan," katanya.

Menurut Rosnah, keputusan itu bukan dibuat demi kepentingan pengusaha semata-mata tetapi juga untuk meningkatkan keupayaan anggota persatuan memberikan perkhidmatan yang lebih efisien termasuk penggunaan log harian kanak-kanak yang menjadi medium komunikasi antara ibu bapa dan pengurusan taska.

Menurutnya, selama ini ramai pengusaha mengeluh kerana terpaksa menanggung beban kenaikan kos selain penguatkuasaan gaji minimum dengan kadar yuran maksimum RM250.

Bagaimanapun katanya, kenaikan purata RM50 ini akan memberi lebih banyak keistimewaan termasuk rekod perkembangan kanak-kanak sebanyak empat kali setahun atau setiap tiga bulan sekali.

“Kita akan memaklumkan perkara ini kepada ibu bapa pada sesi depan dan sehingga kini ibu bapa tiada masalah kerana mereka turut memahami tujuan kenaikan yuran,” katanya selepas menghadiri Majlis Penutupan Kohort 5 2014 di Pusat Latihan Tinta Ori di Indera Mahkota, di sini, semalam.

Rosnah berkata, sebagai pengusaha taska, semua ahli persatuan mengalu-alukan keputusan itu kerana boleh membantu mereka menyediakan perkhidmatan yang lebih baik.

Menurutnya, penetapan Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat (JKM) iaitu tiga kanak-kanak bagi seorang pengasuh perlu dipenuhi bagi mengelakkan sebarang masalah.

Sehingga kini, katanya sebanyak 124 taska berdaftar bawah persatuan berkenaan.

Kohort 5 disertai 34 pengasuh dari zon timur iaitu Rompin, Kuantan dan Pekan yang memerlukan mereka menjalani kursus selama 27 hari termasuk lima hari praktikal di taska terpilih.

Rahmat yang rendang

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sabarlah Duhai Hati

Sabarlah Duhai Hati
Azhar Abdul Rahman & Rosnah Ahmad

Dipentas keramat
Diiringi syahdu dikir setiakawan
Gemersik alunan sekata
Disoroti cahaya gemintang
Asyik di buai sandiwara
Kau bertopeng wali
Serentak gemalai jentayu...

Terkabur pandangan
Terpukau kepalsuan
Tertutup kebenaran
Menjalin akrab palsu duniawi
Yang ku anggap milik suci
Yang ku sangka milik abadi...

Sayangnya bunga yang ku tabur
Sembilu yang dihadiahi
Santapan yang dihidang
Berulam kesumat
Bak santau diangin anginan
Jujur dan baik sangkaku
Terbalut rapi dek lakunan
Bak gunting dalam lipatan...

Kecundang aku dalam senyuman
Kecubung racun mu bukan mainan
Tersungkur aku dalam kesakitan
Terpinga aku dalam kesedaran
Terkedu aku tanpa bicara
Sahabat yang ku sangka
Rupanya seteru...

Sabarlah duhai hati
Ada muslihat apa yang jadi
Ada azimat yang menanti
Ada pengajaran di kemudian hari
Ada DIA tempat mengadu
Ada Alam sedia mendamai
Ada Sinar yang melata
Ada Kasih yang setia...

Terima kasih jua buatmu
Wahai 'sahabat'...

Jalan Taqwa

Jalan Taqwa
Rosnah Ahmad

Usah terpedaya dengan pujian
Usah tertipu dengan janji
Usah terjerat dengan kata
Usah terpesona dengan harta...

Berhati-hati melangkah
Umpama berjalan di lorong berduri
Bimbang tertusuk
Dek duri yang tajam
Luka berdarah...

Berwaspada melangkah
Umpama berjalan di pekat malam
Bimbang tersadung
Dek batu kecil
Tersembam menyembah bumi...

Kaca atau permata
Kejujuran atau topeng
Pujian atau bodekan
Pahit atau manis
Janji atau palsu
Hanya jauhari yang mengenal manikam...

Tiada yang lebih
Tiada yang kaya
Tiada yang mulia
Kecuali yang bertaqwa
Kepada Maha Suci Tuhan
Yang Memelihara lagi Melindungi...

Tuesday, December 9, 2014



Rosnah Ahmad

Hari-hariku suram
Umpama siang tanpa mentari..

Hadirmu satu nikmat
Berkasih sayang keranaNya
Indah sekali
Umpama malam bercahaya bulan...

Bertemu berpisah keranaNya
Ukhwah dibina manis dirasa
Bersatu dalam barisan yang lurus
Umpama bangunan yang kukuh
Saling bantu membantu
Dalam amal dan bakti
Demi masa yang sedikit cuma
Buat bekalan di sana...

Usah gentar
Usah bersedih
Tiada yang lebih
Tiada yang kurang
Tiada yang sempurna kecuali DIA
Apa yang ada anugerah dan ujian
Bagaimana bersatu saling melengkapi
Beramal berbakti di jalanNya
Kejayaan dicapai kejayaan bersama
Berkat bersatu dalam ukhwah
Melayari kehidupan menuju abadi
Hingga ke syurga ukhwah berlabuh...

Pada tidur yang lena

Sempurna sudah pengetahuan

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Senyum dalam tidurku

Bankrupt But Stil Worth Millions

Bankrupt But Still Worth Millions?

By Fiona Ho . 26 November 2014 . Debt Management,Entrepreneurship, Money Management

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of financial advice books, created a huge hoo-ha when he filed for bankruptcy protection for one of his companies in 2012.

Here’s what went down: when Kiyosaki’s company, Rich Global LLC was ordered to fork out about US$24mil (approximately RM80.6mil) to the Learning Annex and its founder, Bill Zanker, Kiyosaki filed for bankruptcy protection.

The back story? Kiyosaki had reportedly used the Learning Annex platform to organise several high-profile speaking engagements, including an appearance at Madison Square Garden in 2002.

The Rich Global-Learning Annex relationship reportedly generated sales of US$438 million (RM1.47 billion), of which Rich Global got nearly US$45 million in royalties.

However, the court agreed with Learning Annex that Rich Global did not pay the required percentage of profits and ordered the latter to pay just under US$24mil (approximately RM80.6mil).

The move to file for bankruptcy protection had many thinking that the author has gone bankrupt. In reality, it was Rich Global that filed for corporate bankruptcy, not Kiyosaki himself.

You may be surprised to learn that the American author and motivational speaker, who has 15 book titles under his name is estimated to be worth a cool US$80mil (RM268.6 million)!

Kiyosaki also operates as many as 10 other companies. Rich Global was just one of them and was said to be worth only US$1.8mil (RM6mil) in assets when it went under – barely a fraction of the US$24mil dollar judgment.

In filing for bankruptcy protection for Rich Global, Kiyosaki offers his fans yet another lesson in how the rich protect their assets. In Kiyosaki’s case, filing for corporate bankruptcy was a shrewd business strategy intended to safeguard his personal finances.

Below are some lessons that business owners can take away from Kiyosaki’s strategy to avoid financial downfall:

1. Choose the right entity for your business

A sole proprietorship (Enterprise or Trading Co.) is the cheapest and easiest type of business to start, but it may not be the best choice if you are considering protecting your personal wealth from business liabilities.

As a sole proprietor, you are personally liable for damages, which means that personal assets like your house, car and investments are at risk if a legal claim is filed against you or a business debt is called and you cannot pay.

Setting up an entity such as a limited liability company (LLC), also known as Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in Malaysia, such as Kiyosaki’s Rich Global, will better protect you in the event of a lawsuit.

Limited liability companies are more expensive to set up and maintain than sole proprietorships, but it offers more protection from legal or financial claims than a sole proprietorship. It is a separate business entity and is not tied to your personal wealth, meaning you are not personally liable for business debts or damages your business might incur.

As Rich Global LLC is not tied to Kiyosaki’s personal wealth, he was not liable for the debts and damages caused by the company.

In Malaysia, other than LLP, a private limited company can also offer the same protection, where the liabilities of its members are limited to the amount of shares they hold in the company.

2. Keep your business and personal finances separate

If you are running a business or thinking of starting a business, your business and personal finances should be kept completely separate. It is advisable to maintain a separate chequebook for your business and use the company name (and not your personal name) on all business documents, including property titles and contracts at all times.

Kiyosaki had the foresight to protect his personal finances right from the start. For instance, he starts every new business as a separate entity, and is smart enough to run his business affairs through multiple companies.

Because Rich Global filed for bankruptcy protection, Kiyosaki’s personal assets were protected. Learning Annex could not touch any of his personal wealth.

He now conducts much of his business not via Rich Global LLC but under the Rich Dad Co.

3. Don’t take shortcuts

As with most things in life, taking shortcuts can sometimes come back to bite a business owner if someone who is suing you can prove you have been negligent or have acted fraudulently.

If you have acted fraudulently, the court has every right to “pierce the corporate veil”, a term used to describe a court’s action to hold LLC or corporate shareholders personally liable for the debts and liabilities of a business. What it means is, they can then come after your personal assets (including your house, car and investments) regardless of the entity of your business.

So “asset protection” isn’t so much about avoiding the consequences of fraud or negligence, as it is to protect yourself from the common misunderstandings and sour grapes that are part and parcel of the business world, as evidenced in Kiyosaki’s case.

Kiyosaki did not engage in fraud but, he and Learning Annex had a business disagreement. Learning Annex won, but because Rich Global was set up as a separate entity, his personal assets were protected.

No one starts a business with a mindset that it will fail. But in reality, disaster can hit your business anytime, so it is worth thinking about how you can best protect yourself should your business fall flat on its face.

Always think ahead so you can make plans to brace yourself and your wallet for the worst case scenario.

Want to start your own business but don’t know how? Make the best decision for your needs with our small business loan calculator and rate comparison tool

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