Monday, November 10, 2014


Don't be sad...
Rosnah Ahmad

Climbing the ladder
Of success
Fighting against the odds
Against the envious
It is never easy
And the road to success
Can be very lonely
At times...

Don't be sad
My dear friend
Hang in there
Take jelousy as a complement
Because you are better off
You are righteous
When things get tough
Just sleep on it
The tough like you will definitely get going...

My dear friend,
Have faith
Keep climbing
Stop and admire the views
Along the road to success
Keep smiling
Be happy
Leave the envious
For they are the ones
Who are suffering...

My dear friend,
When you reached the top
Look down and be grateful
Be thankful
To God
Also to those who are envious
Indeed they are also your teacher
Giving you strength
The driving force you need
To get where you want...

Don' t be sad my dear friend,
You are not walking alone
I'll walk with you...

Be happy my dear friend,
For HE is always with you...

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